Talking Rock Tours

See Alberta like you’ve never seen it before.

Talking Rock provides educational small group tours of the geological wonders of Alberta, including both natural and cultural history storytelling components. Along with guided hikes through beautiful natural areas, participants also hear mini-talks (5 to 10 minutes) during each journey to provide even more educational background to your experience.


At Talking Rock Tours, our mission is to provide memorable experiences and to bring awareness of the region’s earth sciences and local Indigenous knowledge to all who participate in our tours.


Our vision is to bring the natural world and local history to life through small, intimate and educational guided tours. We want to offer a broader understanding of the natural environment and Indigenous history to foster respect, promote understanding and encourage lifelong learning and exploration. We hope our participants share what they learn with their family and friends to multiply this impact even further.



We’re proud to pass along academic earth sciences and Canadian history lessons during our tours. We also add traditional Indigenous storytelling to give participants a deeper, more diverse perspective.


We’re passionate about the land and its people, and want to pass along lessons that encourage others to appreciate, respect and protect it.


We conduct our tours with an emphasis on enhancing the collective knowledge of our communities and preserving the quality our natural environment.

Get to know our team

If you’re looking for an experienced, friendly and approachable tour guide, you’ll be in good hands with Talking Rock Tours.

Our guides are university geoscientists and/or historians, hand-picked for their subject matter expertise and familiarity with local landscapes. We complement their knowledge by hiring local elders from the communities we visit to pass along traditional Indigenous stories to our groups.