Giving back to the community through the wealth of the knowledge.


Learning is fun! That is why Talking Rock Tours is excited to provide workshops for all grades. Our workshops educate young minds through hands on learning. If we can teach, inspire, and hopefully create future scientists and historians we know we are doing something right! Please call Keith Diakiw at 780-298-7992 for more information. Please plan ahead. We ask for a minimum of one months’ notice to book our workshops.


Rock, Mineral and Fossil Workshop

This workshop ROCKS! Every rock has a story to tell. Discover these stories as Keith Diakiw engages your class with his super collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Keith will help your students handle, sort, test and classify rocks and minerals through observation of their physical properties.

LENGTH: 1 to 1.5 hours / LEVEL: Grade 3

Pre-1867 Fur Trade History Workshop

What was life like before European’s stepped foot on the land we now call Canada? Keith Diakiw will rewind the clock and shed light onto our pre-Canadian history. Your students will learn the history of the Métis and the Voyageurs of the fur trade. In the end, your classroom will deepen their Canadian roots with their enriched knowledge of our history.

LENGTH: 1 to 1.5 hours / LEVEL: Grade 4

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Talking Rock Tours believes strongly in community, education, and growth. This stems partly from owner, Keith Diakiw’s, passion for sharing and learning along with his past experience giving physical geography and geology presentations at the University of Lethbridge. To pay homage to the University of Lethbridge and to give back to the community, Keith offers the following informal presentations. Be ready to snack and learn as Keith provides brain candy and yummy popcorn. To book a presentation at your school, community, organization or venue please contact Keith at 780-298-7992.

Death Valley California

Badwater is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 86 meters below sea level. This unique desert environment will leave you almost as breathless as seeing the rocky mountains for the very first time—simply amazing!! Keith opens your eyes and your mind to this geological wonder as he delves into the geology and geomorphology of the region.

Excavating Tel Miqne-Ekron

(an ancient Biblical site)

Picture a small quaint community, 40 minutes west of Jerusalem. Excavating five days a week in the sun you are taken back to the Late Bronze and Iron Ages. Become enthralled as Keith describes the 40 acre Tel Miqne Ekron dating back to the Late Bronze IV and Iron Age I & II Periods. Imagine standing on ground that has been touched by human presence as far back as 3700 BP.

Life Working Offshore Brasil

Imagine being 200 nautical miles offshore via a 1.5 hour Airwolf (Bell 222A) helicopter ride and living in a floating structure bobbing in the Atlantic with over a 100 co-workers that don't speak the same language. Get lost in the adventures of Brasil and hear first-hand the experiences involved in working on an offshore rig.

Social Good Hatrick (3 CVC 3)

Giving fills the heart. With our busy schedules we may find it easier to give money for great causes instead of getting right into the action. Keith speaks to this and inspires us to pay it forward not only with our wallets, but also with our time. Sharing stories that are close to his heart, Keith makes us see the importance of giving and volunteering to non-profit organizations and to spread the love by inspiring others around us.